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Love Life Media is a Communications firm intentionally created for the underdog, difference makers, atmosphere changers, and the inspirational motivators of today and tomorrow. We know that the small businesses, non-profits, and lifestyle brands that are truly changing culture don’t have access to the same platforms, resources, and experiential knowledge as major corporations. Our aim is to develop a firm of master brand craftsmen, taking smaller emerging brands and crafting them through brand strategy into unforgettable parts of consumers everyday lives. Our belief is that the brands we fall in love with are the ones that most resonate with our human experience. Since 2013, Love Life Media has been helping brands to transform the way they live and thrive in the marketplace.


In March 2013, Love Life Media experienced tremendous success with its breakout event “SheROCKS”. The event was created to celebrate women who are culture curators, innovative artists, and industry moguls dominating the arts world and impacting their communities. Each year during women’s history month, the event showcases 14 women in performing and visual arts to celebrate their achievements and contributions to the arts world. The event also honors four distinct women whose efforts have paved the way for other female artists and business women to be successful. Since its conception the event has been sold out every year boasting increased partnerships amongst women business owners, and significant exposure and success for all artists who have been showcased. In its first year DC Examiner’s Sarah Hearn noted

“SheRocks was a very successful event and Love Life Media is to be commended for pulling off such a well-executed event. It is worth noting [the] company has only been around a year”.

Recently the company launched an official website for the event www.sherocksevent.com. The event has now become an annual event and one of the company’s most successful projects.

#4P Social “Creating Innovative Projects, Fostering Increased Partnerships, Teaching Profitability, and Promoting Philanthropy

In 2014, Love Life Media launched an event series for the advancement of young entrepreneurs and positive projects in order to provide a platform for emerging business leaders and positive projects to expand their brands by presenting new projects, establishing new partnerships, teaching brands how to become profitable, and advocating corporate responsibility by promoting philanthropic efforts. We believe that these four core “P’s” should be on the agenda of every brand. Our very first event was sponsored in Partnership with Capital One Bank. We are looking to expand these efforts into extended trainings, events, and tools for entrepreneurs in 2016.


We believe that brands must be fully immersed in the experience they create for their audience. We cultivate innovative thought leaders and create impactful and memorable brand experiences because we believe brands should truly love and live their messages so fully that it provokes organic connections with the audiences they serve. We are at the epicenter of creative resourcefulness as we proactively shape the perception and results our clients see in multiple segments of the market.


We have successfully curated engaging stories that accelerate brand relevancy, brand equity, creates new cultures, and promotes increased positive perception of brands in the eyes of stakeholders and consumers. Our firm is comprised of powerhouse communications experts that blend proven methodologies with refreshingly inventive ideas. Our expansive knowledge and experience across industries have helped us to counsel successfully emerging brands.


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