2015-02-11 Duval High-1

The Details

In 2014, Love Life Media was challenged with the task of expanding and refining the messaging of educational brand Should Could Dream. The Should Could Dream Tour desired to become the dominant influence by merging relevant pop culture with the necessity of education. Prior to working with the Should Could Dream brand we discovered minimal engagement through social media channels, low media placement, traditional outreach, and no established partnerships. Our marketing goals were as follows:

  1. Expand Tour Reach by creating marketing outreach to schools that placed our client’s tour as an educational tool to influence a culture of excellence in school’s by opening a door for communication between students and school administration.
  2. Start a conversation that would move the tour from in-person interaction to multi-platform interaction on digital platforms.
  3. Garner Media attention for the tour that placed our client as an expert on bridging the communication gap in academia using modern methods to increase academic performance.
  4. Establish partnerships that were able to expand tour reach and credibility amongst influencers in education and students.

Outcomes: With our counsel the Should Could Dream Tour was able to achieve a digital reach of 24.68M social media users who were actively engaged in conversations surrounding their brand. #ShouldCouldDream became a trending topic in the DC metropolitan area regularly trending over mainstays like ABC’s #Scandal. We brought in a production team to enhance and capture the tour experience, causing the tour to reach its goal of establishing its relevancy and brand identity amongst teens between the ages of 13-18. The Tour reached its goal of booking 100 shows in one school year. The client received media placements on FOX 45, News Channel 8, XM Satellite Radio, WPGC 95.5FM, and many digital media outlets. The publicity increased the client’s visibility, credibility, and tour demand in the DC, MD, and VA markets. The Should Could Dream tour successfully established partnerships with SportsZone, Revolt-TV, WPGC 95.5-FM, and many other local businesses and organizations.

About The Project