The Details

Love Life Media was presented with the challenge of creating a distinct campaign to bring media attention to the GOGChurch health fair in the Mount Rainier community.

Campaign Title: Drink 2 Live

Campaign Idea: We created a campaign to collect 1,000+ bottles of water to pass out to the mount rainier community while informing the community about the health benefits of drinking water and the disparity of  healthy drinking water in throe world countries.

Campaign Goals: We aimed to create a campaign that would tie into the health fair goals of educating the community on health issues, while getting the attention of local media outlets to gain exposure for the health fair.

Campaign Outcomes: We were able to collect 1,300+ bottles of water for the campaign, received volunteers, a great turn out for the health fair, and placement in the local gazette newspaper which landed an initial donation of 250+ bottles of water from a local school.

About The Project