Innovation that POPS up right when you need it!

Every brand wants to stand out and be the cool kid on the block that every one else wants to be like. BIG ideas just don’t come overnight and not everyone can successfully integrate innovation and their services/products. We created our POPUp Marketing workshop to help small businesses develop stellar marketing ideas and messaging for their brand. This workshop includes all materials and a gourmet boxed lunch for attendees. Workshops for 20 or more attendees will be considered a corporate training and will be charged a fee no less than $7,500 for POPUp Marketing trainings.


What Brands Will Get From the POPUp Marketing Workshop:

*Insight on Current Trends & Best Marketing Practices in their Industry

*We will clarify brand identity

*Establish Custom or New ideas for Messaging

*Strategic Ideas to Market & Grow their Brand

*Custom Marketing Plan

*Crash Course to Digital Marketing

*Crash Course to Direct Marketing

*Custom Event Marketing & Brand Activation Ideas

*Best Tools for Marketing in their industry